The decision to begin therapy is often not an easy one, but it may be the first step toward a more fulfilling life. Therapy is a unique opportunity to focus on one's self and begin down the path to the sense of well being that each person inherently deserves. Working collaboratively with a therapist can help a person to explore patterns, relationships, and ways of functioning that no longer serve them. This exploration can lead to the strength and confidence necessary to make changes and regain control of one's life. Therapy is a safe place that will allow one to heal as they address difficult issues, gain clarity, and become reacquainted with their highest self.

I am interested in aiding people who seek assistance to attain their own goals. Through encouragement, support, and genuine connection, I foster a trusting therapeutic relationship that will help to sustain meaningful change in your life. Healing is possible for relationships with others and with yourself. In therapy we will identify and utilize your existing strengths, incorporate the expertise you have about yourself and your relationships, as we work collaboratively toward your personal growth.

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